Brother goalie tandem – Could make history

Any hockey team can be considered a brotherhood or a family,  it’s not even rare for teams to have actual brothers on them – Look at the Sedin’s and now the Benn’s. The Lumberjacks have even had their share of siblings. Just this year the affectionately coined “Reimer Twins” made a name for themselves on  Canadian soil, and brothers Riley Spears and Alex Carr had the opportunity to share the ice for the first time which Spears called “Absolutely surreal”. However,  never have there been two brothers signed to a team that are both goaltenders. Until now.

Enter the  Forbes brothers. The sons of local hockey legend Robert Forbes Sr. and the first cousins of Cole Harbour’s most famous hockey hero Sidney Crosby (sorry MacKinnon) you could say that big brother Robbie and little brother Will were destined to play the sport. Unlike their father, both boys chose to play the position of goaltender at a young age and have carried on, each making quite a name for themselves.

Currently, Robbie Forbes is the starting goalie for The South Shore Lumberjacks. Will at only 17 years old plays for Cole Harbour’s local U18 team The Wolfpack. That was, until just a few days ago when The South Shore Lumberjacks acquired the rights to Will. Which could make the Forbes brothers the first MHL, QMJHL, and NHL tandem sibling goalies. Ever.

“I don’t think it has ever happened before in any level or league (locally)” says the Lumberjacks veteran Robbie Forbes. “I’m really excited for Will to get an opportunity to play Jr. A with the team. I am sure he will work hard and will do his best to compete for a spot”.

Good luck to Robbie on the rest of his season with the Jacks, and congratulations to Will on his new journey with the Lumberjacks franchise.


Robbie Forbes, Lumberjacks Goalie 2021-2022